Reports by Dr. Osama Refaat Sharif

International Consultant in Population and Development
International Master Trainer – Johns Hopkins University
International Consultant – Partners in Population and Development & UNFPA
International Consultant and Resource Person – Population Communication & Gillespie Foundation

Feedback on Nairobi ICPD +25

Survey Study on Discrepancies of Contraceptive Methods Prices

Small Family Club- Egypt – presented at the 2015 Partners in Population and Development annual conference 

International Conference for Family Planning ICFP 2022 and PPD Annual Conference Bangkok Thailand 2022


Dr. Osama Refaat Sharif has broad support in Egypt.  The following article discusses his leadership role.

To Whom it May Concern: Realistic Solutions to the Population Problem – by Salah Al-Ghazali Harb published in Issue 6203 of Al-Masry Al-Youm.



The Demographic Dividend – presented at the Partners in Population and Development Meeting, Beijing, China



Population, Family Size and Contraceptive Education in Esfahan, Iran



A Manual on Evaluation of Population Communication Programs



Ageing: Learning from the Global South – Population Series 2,Editor: Joe Thomas, Partners in Population and Development, An Inter-Governmental Organisation for Promoting South-South Cooperation, 2017

No Vacancy: Global Responses to the Human Population Explosion – edited by Michael Tobias, Bob Gillespie, Elizabeth Hughes and Jane Gray Morrison, Hope Publishing House, 2006

Facing the Population Challenge: Wisdom from the Elders- edited by Marilyn Hempel, Blue Planet United, 2014.