Employment Opportunities

Executive Director


Population Communication is seeking an energetic, experienced professional who can design rights-based policies and programs to achieve population stabilization. Population Communication was founded in 1977 to assist governments in developing family planning and women’s reproductive health programs, and determine the most efficient path towards achieving population stabilization. Population Communication:

  1. Commissions country specific population stabilization reports and plans of action
  2. Surveys health professionals to determine current contraceptive practices and unmet need
  3. Develops motion picture screenplays that address population and environmental issues
  4. Designs country specific applications that give vital signs for population, resources/energy, and the environment

Population Communication projects are focused on delivering primary health care to lower infant mortality, preventing adolescent pregnancies, increasing the age at marriage and birth spacing, and reinforce the value of small family goal. Our mission is to improve the status of women, increase access to functional literacy, utilize entertainment and social marketing, and have all health professionals deliver contraceptive services within their capabilities or qualifications. Population Communication believes in collaborative partnerships with government, the private sector, foundations, donors and other nonprofits with a common mission.

The Executive Director will draft a plan of action after visiting the priority countries and then submit grant proposals to relevant foundations, donors and government agencies. Please send your resume to: popcommla@aol.com.

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