About Us


When Population Communication was founded in 1977, the world’s population was close to four billion.  Current world population is over 7,760,000,000 (US Census Bureau).  The United Nations estimates that the planet will reach 8 billion by the year 2023; the US Census Bureau estimates that date will come in 2026. Any country that does not have a plan of action to achieve population stabilization by lowering the birthrate will stabilize population growth by an increase in the death rate.  The planet is headed towards a zero-fossil-fuel future and an increasingly precarious environment.  With depleting water resources, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and increased carbon emissions, almost every environmental indicator is moving in the wrong direction.  Population Communication is actively working on prescribing the actions to achieve replacement-size families by improving the status of women, guaranteeing quality family planning services, and reinforcing a human rights approach to reproductive health and family planning.