Population Reports


Status of Reports on Population Stabilization

Paper Presented at the Partners in Population and Development Conference, Beijing, China

Population Programs in Bangladesh: Problems, Prospects and Policy Issues – by Dr. Atiqur Rahman Khan and Ms. Mufazewa Khan
Population Stabilization Policies and Programs in Egypt 2014 – by Dr. Osama Refaat
Ghana Population Stabilisation Report – by the National Population Council
Population Stabilization in Bihar, India: Situational Analysis and Future Directions – by Anant Kumar and Jay Satia
Population Stabilization in Uttar Pradesh, India: Past, Present and Future Directions – Dr. Usha Ram
Population Stabilization: Kenya Case – by Charles Oisebe
Demography in Mali: Situation and Implications – by Mountaga Toure
Report in French: Demographie au Mali: Situation et Implications – par Mountaga Toure
Nigeria’s Progress in Achieving Population Stabilization – by Faillat Nike Albdulraheem
Population Stabilization: the Case for Pakistan – by Abdul Ghaffar Khan
People Beyond Numbers: The Road to Population Stabilization in the Philippines – Tomas Osias, Lolito Tacardon and Luis Pedroso
The Evolution of the Population in Senegal – by Dr. Boubacar Samba Dankoko
Report in French: L’evolution de la population au Senegal: par Docteur Boubacar Samba Dankoko
Uganda’s Population Stabilization Report – by Dr. Betty Kyaddondo
Population Stabilization: Efforts and Challenges: Case of Yemen – by Abdul-Malik Sharafuddin
Zimbabwe Population Stabilisation Report – by Dr. Munyaradzi Murwira

Draft Reports

Population Stabilization Report, Ethiopia – by Gemechu Kuffa
Stabilization of the Population: The Madagascar Case – by Dr. Pierre Lazamanana
Report in French: Stabilisation de la population: Cas de Madagascar – par Docteur Pierre Lazamanana
Population Stabilization in Tanzania – by Grace Lusiola and Maurice Hiza
State and Dynamics of Population in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Report in French: Etat et dynamique de la Population en Republique Democratique du Congo